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Track my Employee

Track My Employee is an work efficient & cost effective employee tracking & monitoring solution for business owners and managers to oversee their employee workforce. The app is faster, Safer & Power Saving App than other Apps and allows the worker to focus on the task at hand rather than spending valuable time calling HQ to check in and report .

This product is divided in three parts

  1. Web application
    1. Online add task or destination for individual users
    2. Track users route
    3. Track users current location
  1. Android User App
    1. Online/Offline add task or destination for user
    2. Track self-route
    3. Track self-current location
  1. Android Admin app
    1. Track users route
    2. Track users current location


  1. Offline mode - Tracking continue even internet is not available
  1. Sync option to sync offline data with online server
  1. Google navigation option
  1. Very less mobile power consumption

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