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Mobi Clinic

Mobile technology can change the way Healthcareis delivered and Mobi Clinic App is a platform through which Doctors & Patients can be empowered to lead the change.

The introduction of mobile computing devices (personal digital assistants [PDAs], followed by smartphones and tablet computers) has greatly impacted many fields, including medicine. Health care professionals now use smartphone or tablet computers for functions they used to need a paper, cellphone and PDA to accomplish. Smartphones and tablets combine both computing and communication features in a single device that can be held in a hand or stored in a pocket, allowing easy access and use at the point of care.

Thus, Mobi Clinic App was developed in order to help Doctors Treat their Patients easily right in their hands.


  1. Easy patient registration with unique barcode.
  1. Easy patient search e.g using barcode, id and name.
  1. Detailed patient case study with user friendly User Interface.
  1. Detailed Patient History.
  1. Store patient reports.
  1. Medicine database.
  1. SMS based prescription

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